About Us

You do well in business—and your lifestyle affirms that. Every once in a while, along comes a project, event, or task that either falls out of your zone of expertise—or requires a trustworthy person to carry off. How do you get it done–without stretching yourself too thin, or overwhelming your team?

Simple. Give it to us. In one fell swoop (or a course of months), we can help you strategize a solution for any high-level business venture or personal issue, then execute that solution efficiently and flawlessly. Our team operates in a world of possibilities, where challenges exist to be surmounted, not stumbled upon.

Our team is energetic, seasoned, resourceful, and action-oriented. We’re anchored in real-world solutions, and driven toward clever completion. For the past decade, we’ve directed dedicated and unionized teams for planning and executing events as essential as your trade show or annual meeting, and as intimate as client dinners.

Our staff excels at determining the best track to generate revenue, save time, make life easier, and gratify your clients. We’re accustomed to traveling over 200 days a year to meet our clients’ needs nationwide. We possess astute advice about hotels, flights, airlines, cultures, and even gratuities. Our team can help you identify business and personal issues (if they’re not obvious) and their resolutions. If we can’t resolve your concern, we’ll facilitate a professional relationship with someone who can.

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